About Us

Just like life, The Journey Pipe®’s story has had many ups and downs. In its early years, The Journey Pipe® switched hands between a few manufacturers and distributors before coming under management with Head Choice Inc. Now under the distribution and manufacturing management of Head Choice, The Journey Pipe® is made with the highest quality materials, heat-resistant metal, and fail-proof magnets. The Journey Pipe®, available online at TheJourneyPipe.com, is now the highest quality modern metal pipe on the market.

While many have tried to imitate, none come close to the authentic Journey Pipe®. You may see similar pipes advertised on Amazon or other websites, but authentic Journey Pipes are the ONLY ones that come with the stamp of approval. Pipes found on Amazon or other sites are low quality knock-offs made with potentially hazardous materials and are not covered by warranties.

If you want the real deal that is covered by warranty, only order from TheJourneyPipe.com. How do you know if you have the real deal? Authentic Journey Pipes come with a stamp of approval under the lid that show the J logo with a circle. You can view the stamp of approval in the image above. If your pipe does not have that stamp, it’s not an authentic Journey Pipe®.