Best pocket pipe on the market. Beautiful sleek design is suggestive of a sperm cell, ha, design follows function cause when I use it, well, you know. I load one up and put it in it's pocket case and I'm good for the day, well sometimes I might hit it with a paper towel and some water and repeat as needed. I have gotten anal, at times, and cleaned it and the inside of the case with alcohol or fingernail polish remover, but, I never worry about any smells giving me away. The case is perfect to carry the pipe and a little stash bag or a lighter. This pipe is the whole deal ready to pack away and hit the trail. And we all know that when you hit the trail, it's not about the destination, it's about the JOURNEY!

                                                                                   -- D. Allen

Best pipe out there. have 2 (one for me and one for my mate). I love how easy the are to use and clean. You are missing the boat if you don't have one or more.

-- L. Taylor

We have a LOT great gear but our Journey Pipe is everyone’s favorite! I got one after seeing it on High Maintenance and within a week, we had ordered a couple more. They’re so easy to clean, easy to hit, pretty much unbreakable, and it just feels good in your hand! This is a perfect gift for the lovable stoner in your life or treat yourself to one! Customer service is also fantastic and the shipping is SO fast.

-- M. Haze

Found my first journey 3 in 2015 and instantly fell in love I have lost them and replaced them every time my last journey 3 I lost about a week ago while looking for another I found the journey 4 I didn’t think you could make the pipe any better yet here is the 4th gen and it is the best yet have used with many friends and all love it and want one keep up the good quality work and I will always be a supporter thanks for an amazing pipe. 

-- M. Coon

 I love my journey pipe. Easy to clean, smooth smoke.

-- K. Koonce 

Amazing! Have to admit, though, at first I got a J2 pipe that would not work properly, but Journey Pipe promptly sent me a new one! VERY fast!!! 
STELLAR customer service!!! Do not be apprehensive about purchasing this pipe, I am sure my 1st pipe was an anomaly!! As for the pipe itself, its a beauty. Easy to clean, no screen, and has a nice weight to it. The magnet holding the pipe together is strong, not cheap and flimsy!
To summarize.....BUY THIS PIPE!!!